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Our Privacy Policy (in Plain Language)

We subscribe to Australia's National Privacy Principles and respect the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988, but rather than bore you with the same old boilerplate paragraphs that everyone seems to use these days we'd like to explain how we follow the privacy principles in practice:

  • Most importantly, LinxCRM is an on-premise system, not an on-line system. This means that your private data stays private. Neither we, nor any of our service providers like ISP's, have access to your CRM data.

  • Should you choose to supply us with any kind of data (such as to convert an old database into LinxCRM format, or commission files for programming an import interface) then we encourage you to first zip it up with password protection and we will then do the same if we need to return it.

  • Such data files are routinely destroyed approximately seven days after the programming is certified as complete, but (rarely) some may need to be retained for an indefinite period for technical reasons. If you specifically request us to destroy them within a certain period then we will do so and will confirm that action in writing.

  • When dealing with your business, we do not need to obtain much private information about you but what we do obtain is held confidentially and not made available to third parties. You can request a copy of any information held and we will supply this within 30 days at no charge.

  • We do require correct Trading Names and ABN's and also your bank (or credit card) details for payment purposes. Without these we cannot get paid and you cannot operate the software. Records are kept electronically, protected by firewalls and passwords. It is a dismissal offence for our staff to access this data for any unauthorised use.

  • We do not sell, hire or exchange client contact details with any third parties.

  • Our Help Desk records details of significant support issues and this may include discussions with your staff. Similarly our Accounts Dept may make notes relating to accounts matters. Audio recordings are rarely made but, where required by us, your consent is requested to do so. All details are secured electronically.

  • If you log in to the Gold Pass Members Lounge of this Web site, your Username, Password and activity are recorded in security logs. (For this reason you should never give your access details to anyone else as you may be held liable for their actions).

  • When you activate LinxCRM on-line, some identifying information is required of the computer that is activating. This includes the Windows login name and LinxCRM user name. Passwords or other confidential information is not transmitted. (As an alternative, you can activate LinxCRM by email or telephone, but the same details of the computer to be activated will be needed to effect the activation).

  • Other actions you take in response to emails or Web pages may record or update cookies on your computer (such as those used by Google Analytics), but no personally-identifiable information is recorded. Your security settings may be set to block or delete such cookies if you wish. Updates to LinxCRM are not downloaded or installed unless you specifically request them.

Spam Policy

Although not part of the Privacy regulations, the issue of SPAM is related. To read about our Spam policy, please see here.